How to pursue your passion projects alongside a full time job | An interview with Kat Louise, blogger and make-up artist

Posted on 15 May 2016



Hello there!


This week's blog is the third instalment of interviews with people who we're inspired by and today we're introducing one of our favourite bloggers, Kat Louise. 


At Hero we are continuously motivated by go-getters and Kat certainly doesn't prevail in this instance. We came to learn about Kat through Instagram which demonstrates the tenacity of social media, signifying that first impressions are important (not that we're shallow!).


Kat is multi-tasker extraordinaire...not only does she manage the Katherine Louise Lifestyle blog, she's also a part-time make up artist ~ Katherine Louise Make-up, all alongside working a full time job in marketing ~ go girl! We love your ambition!



Kat's blog is a combination of style, beauty, travel, food and lifestyle and is an online hub we can all relate to and gain creativity from.  


Most peoples' jobs involve a slight variation on 'wearing different hats' but Kat has taken this to a whole new level. The most uplifting part is that Kat clearly gives her all to each foray, as demonstrated through her commitment to regular postings and distinctly beautiful social media content, not to mention her aesthetically pleasing photography.






Tell us how you came to find yourself working in each avenue... as make-up
artist and blogger

I began blogging when I was working a pretty dull temp job, post uni. I read blogs, and one day decided to give it a go myself. I loved fashion, beauty, travel and had studied photography at university so felt like it would be a good fit and a chance to share some of my photos. Make up came around a year or two after blogging, when I discovered my passion for it and met the lead make up artist for the brand Benefit at an event. She inspired and encouraged me to train and I just went from there!








Gaining a work-life balance is a big topic and ever-increasingly more
important. How do you strike an equilibrium between working as a makeup artist, alongside being a proactive blogger and having time for you?

I also work a full time job so organisation is key. I like to keep ahead by about 3 weeks with my blog and use evenings and one day at the weekends to make sure my posts are prepped and ready to go. It can feel like a huge pressure at times, I admit! I do less make up work in London these days, as the travel was so time consuming but I often work weekends nearer to home. With this, I make sure I'm not taking too much on and try to only work two weekends a month. It can be tough at times but I enjoy it all and the motivation to keep improving (you just never know what's around the corner!) keeps me going!







What influenced your decision to commence blogging and how do you sustain
your creativity?

As I mentioned, I read blogs for about a year before I started my own. I work in marketing, so I've got a creative eye for photography, design and generally digital content creation. I also enjoy writing, and writing my blog is the perfect amalgamation of the two - it's a good fit for someone like me! In terms of sustaining creativity, it's age old, but I write and create what I would want to read from a blog. If I come aross something in life that's difficult or makes me ask questions, I'll use it as something to blog about - chances are, someone else is thinking it too!



Does one foray naturally take more precedence than the other and going
forward how do you see this working?

Right now, blogging takes precedence due to the nature of my full time work - it fits in with me, and I can do it whenever, wherever. For two years, I was fully self employed doing make up so back then, blogging took the back seat! I'm happy to go with whatever fits me at the time of life I'm in, and try my best not to worry to much about what I am doing too much or too little of. Both work well with each other, pushing work and contacts between the two.







Blogging is a booming industry. Can you share any tips on how to make your
site and social media stand out? How do you cut through the noise and have your voice heard?

Without being a total cliche, I've really learnt that it truly is about being yourself. There's a difference between taking inspiration, and copying. Those who imitate, only ever hit a wall...finding my own feet and style has been so beneficial to me. Blogging is so new, there are zero rules and just maintaining what you're doing, is the best way to drive it forward.





The world is your oyster! What do you envisage coming next for you?

Do you know what, who knows! I want to keep going as I am - developing my blog and my career(s!). I enjoy everything I do and I have a tough time choosing between them all, so right now, I'm not! I'm travelling more with my blog which is really exciting for me. What will be, will be!





Just for fun!...

How do you take your coffee?... White, but not too milky (Flat white everytime!)

Who is your style Hero?... I adore fellow blogger Emma Hill from EJStyle.

Currently reading... Nothing, I'm ashamed to say!

Favourite blog... My ultimate, for amazing travel and fashion combined, is Tuula Vintage. The photography is stunning!

What’s on your wardrobe wishlist right now... I'm on the hunt for a slick black swimsuit for 6 foot tall, it's proving tricky!

Favourite Instagram account... I'm really into US instagrams right now, so I'm loving Alyssa's from diarylamode - LA wanderlust!

Most excited about... My upcoming trips! Summer travel plans are bubbling away... I'll reveal all when they're confirmed!

What’s on your playlist... I'm a huge folk lover, and come summer, there's nothing better than a BBQ and some upbeat folk music!

Favourite make up product... I'm adore the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade. I got it in the USA last summer and it gives the perfect brow every time.

Favourite skincare product... I'm really into serums right now and would you believe my new favourite is from the Aldi range!

Best piece of advice you've been given... Don't settle!

Your goal for 2016... Get myself to California!





Kat is proof that you can pursue your passion projects alongside a full time job and just how invigorating is that!? 

We don't know about you but we're eager to discover Kat's travelling plans... 




If you don't already follow Kat on social media, we promise that in doing so you'll initiate another sphere of happiness in your day-to-day doings as her attitude to life is infectious.  


Kat on Instagram

Kat on Twitter


Sometimes you have to follow your heart and 'just-do' what you love!


Ciao for now!


Team Hero xxx

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  • Carl (travelbetter): May 16, 2016

    Great post and very inspiring to hear that you can build and manage a successful blog with jobs and other interests.

  • Kat: May 15, 2016

    Thank you so much for featuring me Team Hero, what a lovely post!

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