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Posted on 29 May 2016






As some of you may already know, Hero’s owner and founder, Laura, is expecting her third baby over the coming weeks ~ to say that we’re excited is a massive understatement...we cannot wait to welcome the ‘Hero’ baby! (How cute is this 'Hero' playsuit from The Little Natural Co., below?!).


This week we've said a short-term goodbye to Laura as she embarks on some much needed downtime - maternity leave. 




Managing a business requires an adulation for risk taking, followed by dedication, determination and above all, focus.


In some ways you could relate starting a business, to having a baby (not necessarily the above!).


For many entrepreneurs, their business is their baby! Both require consistent nurturing to help them flourish and grow over time, whilst the continuous change in both generates milestone excitement.



So, just how does juggling a successful business work alongside day-to-day busy family life? Laura shares her thoughts and feelings on work-life balance throughout her third pregnancy…


“I’ll be the first to admit that running my own business and being pregnant with my third child has at times, been a struggle. I seem to live with the constant internal debate about whether I am cut out for this. But I have also come to accept that the magical destination of feeling "sorted" just doesn't exist.

Life flows in waves of feeling right on top of things to utterly overwhelming. But it's these fluctuations that maintain the constant. By being happier and accepting that sometimes things are not going to be just as you want them; that not everything is in your control, means that I'm able to approach challenges in a more relaxed way.

If I'm feeling overwhelmed, I just go with it knowing that the chances are I'll wake up tomorrow with a better perspective on life and a fresh idea of how to overcome it. It's when I get bogged down with problems and negativity that the feeling of wading through treacle creeps in.

On a practical level, I don't see the business, family and pregnancy as different entities that are pulling me in different directions. Instead, it's a whole. It's just my life. On different days, I focus on different aspects and it's this structure which means everything gets the attention it needs. Sometimes things have to wait and that's fine. I suppose it's a case of just going with the flow, but it seems to be working.”






Laura doesn't dwell on things which is a refreshing business outlook and, as this article from 'Entrepreneur online' suggests: "Want to be succesful? Quit overthinking". The key is to be one step ahead and accept the now...


"If you want to achieve positive outcomes, you’d be wise to trust your instincts, think logically, gain experience, and make good choices.

And trust me when I tell you, there are no shortcuts to the outcome. The sooner you realize that and quit searching for them – the sooner you quit overthinking and focus simply on doing and being – the sooner you’ll achieve the outcome you’re looking for." Steve Tobak.  




Laura has spent a number of months ensuring that all systems are in place so that Hero and its team can continue to flourish day-to-day and we must say, it's been a seriously influential 'project management' to watch.


As a team this is a really exciting time for us. We’ve worked together for 8 months now and our working relationship has only gone from strength to strength - something we’re incredibly thankful for. Like any new relationship, it can be a daunting time pondering whether you'll inspire one another in the right way and work consistently and efficiently as a team. Thankfully we have lots of laugh alongside the productivity!



 Entrepreneurial Tips For Success


1. Put a team in place that you trust, who can be immersed in your vision.

2. Don't over analyse things too much.

3. Every day is a new day (of course!), so let each day offer a new energy, don't let things build up.

4. Embrace the juggling act, it's empowering and fun!...(most of the time!). 

5. Be flexible and don't pre-empt outcomes, you can't predict the future.

6. Keep a sense of humour!

7. Take time out once in a while ~ refresh and regain momentum and energy.

8. Remember to enjoy what you're achieving.




We cannot wait to share some 'ooooooh' and 'awwwhhhh' baby photos with you soon. But for now, do you think it'll be a boy or a girl!?

There is a Hero gift voucher up for grabs for the person who guesses the sex and exact weight ~ place your predictions below!*












Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend and we'll see you soon!
Team Hero xxx







*One gift voucher available for the first person who correctly guesses the baby's gender and exact weight.

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  • Elspeth: June 12, 2016

    Girl. 8lbs 9ozs.

  • Lindy : June 08, 2016

    Congratulations! My guess is a boy weighing 8lbs 8 x

  • Sophie Johnson: June 06, 2016

    Hmmmmmmm, Girl, 8lb 6oz. ?

  • Beany: June 01, 2016

    Exciting times! Going to go for Boy and buck the trend and say 6lbs 11oz.
    Best of luck Laura!!

  • Helen Wilson-Beevers: May 31, 2016

    Such an exciting time! I’m guessing a girl, 7lbs 13oz xx

  • Ingrid: May 31, 2016

    I am guessing a boy 7lb 8oz. Best of luck

  • FAYE SALISBURY: May 30, 2016


  • michelle: May 30, 2016

    All the best
    M x

  • Audrey: May 29, 2016

    Bouncing Baby Boy coming in at 7lbs 11 me thinks! Good luck x

  • Isabel Locke: May 29, 2016

    I think it’s a boy, guessing 7lb 6oz…..good luck and best wishes

  • Charley Bentley: May 29, 2016

    I guess it’s a girl 7lb 4oz! Very best wishes and love from Charley xx

  • Simone Hek: May 29, 2016

    My guess is it’s a girl weighing in at 7lb 14oz….Good Luck!!!! xxx (girl or boy, three is the magic number)

  • Lou: May 29, 2016

    Wishing you all the best Laura for the birth of your baby. I will predict another girl, 7lbs 7oz! Looking forward to hearing your baby news soon. Good luck! Love Lou X

  • Sam Robinson: May 29, 2016

    It’s a boy! (I think)!!! 8lb 1oz …. Good luck Laura! Xx

  • Clare : May 29, 2016

    My guess is a boy 7lb 10 oz best wishes to Laura and family x

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